Behind the Brand


Behind the Brand

Meet the small yet mighty team behind Kenda Kist Jewelry

Each of our pieces is hand-forged in Cary, NC. No mass machinery involved, just the hands of our small and mighty team. Although the brand has evolved over the years, the attention and commitment we put into each piece remain the same. 

Kenda Kist Jewelry is made with delicate artistry, quality that stands the test of time. From texturing and hand-stamping to sawing and soldering, an immense amount of detail and time goes into each of our pieces. Hand producing our jewelry means that each piece is made to order and follows a motto of cohesiveness, consistency and craftsmanship.

There are a lot of jewelry brands out there, which is why it means so much to us that you have chosen to support Kenda Kist Jewelry. 

Meet the Team


Ashley Reynolds

Ashley Reynolds plays the role of jewelry maker, creative sidekick and idea bouncing board. Ashley not only assembles pieces but also helps to put ideas in motion. She finds inspiration in her work through both Kenda and Marty. A day in the studio is filled with conversation, music, podcasts and sometimes dancing. Ashley’s favorite part of being on the team is knowing Kenda and Marty from the very beginning - knowing the story and being part of it.

Outside the studio Ashley can be found in her garage painting, with family and hanging her artwork all over the triangle.


Marty Markel

Marty Markel is the head of components production as well as designer and creator of our Custom Fine Jewelry Pieces.

Marty’s style of design comes from a collection of sources. He tends to use lines, shapes and techniques that culminate from modern architecture, Japanese & English Gardens along with traditional and classically styled jewelry.

His favorite part of being part of the team? “The people and atmosphere allow you to be yourself and have fun while still producing at a high level.”

When out of the studio, which is rare, Marty finds peace of mind out skating or painting and drawing. He also enjoys rooting on the Carolina Hurricanes and Chicago Cubs.


Kenda Kistenmacher

Kenda Kistenmacher is the creator, fabricator, seller and visionary behind Kenda Kist Jewelry.

Kenda finds her inspiration from life. The people around her, going to market, doing trunk shows. Her biggest muse? Kenda Kist Jewelry customers.

“I love my little team so much. I’m so grateful for their creativity and I have so much fun!”

Outside of the studio KK loves being home and out about in the triangle community. Yoga, Mega, spinning, eating at great restaurants and enjoying a glass of bubbly with friends are among her favorite things.

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