Each piece of Kenda Kist jewelry is hand made and finished with care. The materials we use in our studio are sterling silver, 14k gold filled, and 14k rose gold filled. We also use 14k gold and platinum for custom pieces.

If you would like us to polish up your jewelry like new, please email us at info@kendakist.com and we would be happy to clean it for you free of charge! (Shipping fees do apply) If you have any questions at all about cleaning or your Kenda Kist Jewelry piece, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Gold Filled

14k Gold Filled is a federally regulated amount of 14k gold (5%) bonded to a base of metal, usually brass. Gold filled offers all the same physical characteristics of solid gold, such as beauty, strength and durability, but at a fraction of the cost. Gold filled will not tarnish or discolor your skin; it is the next best thing to solid gold. It contains no nickel and is considered hypoallergenic. With reasonable care, it will last a lifetime. 


All sterling and gold filled items can be cleaned with a polishing cloth or jewelry cleaner. For tarnish-free jewelry store in a small plastic bag. For tangle-free necklaces, leave a little bit of the chain outside the plastic baggie.