Friends shoot

Kenda wears heart glasses with 14k Gold Filled necklace, bracelets and throws the peace sign

I have been wanting to create a photoshoot with my friends to showcase real life because lets be honest, I think we all are feeling social media can be such a farse.

Three friends say cheers to their Kenda Kist jewelry favorites


We are all craving content that we can relate to. My friends are my true inspiration, my everyday cheering squad and I wouldn’t be where I am today without them. 

Our matching ring stacks include Heart Ring, Chain Ring, Large Oval Ring, and Beaded Band Rings.

Sharing secrets in Kenda Kist Jewelry and silk pyjamas

Matching heart rings for besties.

I’ve been making jewelry 20 years and what I know about my clients and my friends is that they wear their KK daily, so why not show some real life inspo in Kenda Kist Jewelry! 

Sleepovers have never been so glamorous in matching silk pyjamas and 14k Gold Filled Jewelry

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as we had fun taking them! 

Kenda wears matching Personalised 14k Gold Filled Name Necklaces graffiti font.
Our personalised name necklaces are 14k Gold Filled Grafitti Name Necklaces.
Photography by Jamie Robbins 
Styling by Kendra Sharpe 

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