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Spring 2024

There's something so refreshing about spring's return. After winter's darkness, those first warm breezes and pops of color blooming are such a welcome delight.

This season's collection is my love letter to that easy, breezy spring feeling. Every year, it gets me inspired to create jewelry that captures the cheerful radiance of sunlit days, vibrant blooms, and endless blue skies.

Model wearing Small Sunnies earrings in GF with the Double Twist Necklace , layered with the Rosary-Esque Necklace in GF with Labradorite.Model on the left Wearing the Evil Eye Heart Necklace in GF. Model on the right wearing the Small Sunnies with Drop and layering the Double Twist Circle Necklace with the  Rosary-Esque Necklace

These designs are all about embodying that renewed spirit we get this time of year.I feel myself circling back to my first love of gemstones and the magic of color and weight you get from a genuine stone. You’ll notice some familiar stones if you’ve been buying my jewelry over the past 15 years. A few of my favorite…. Seafoam Chalcedony and sleeping beauty Turquoise,  which reminds me of warm beach days with friends. Labradorite, with it’s subtle casts of rainbows which remind me of spring.

Model wearing the Small Sunnies with Drop in GF with Chalcedony. 

Model wearing the Rosary-esque Necklace in Turquoise and our Small Sunnies in GF. 

Our new Twist Collection is also a bit of a throwback to the beginning of my metal smithing days and earlier collections.  I always love adding a “twist” and manipulating the metal so it’s been fun using old techniques and teaching the girls “new tricks of the trade” in the studio.

Model wearing Small Marqui Drop Earrings in GF Labradorite with the Rosary-Esque Necklace in GF Labradorite.

Model is wearing the Double Twist Circle Necklace in two tone layered with the Evil Eye Heart Necklace in SS and the Double Twist Circle Ring.

The light, the color, the carefree vibe of this season is way too irresistible not to immerse yourself in. Might as well put a little spring in your step too while you're at it!

Photography by Hayley Ellis 

Styling by Kendra Sharpe 

Makeup by Adriana Wright 

Model Holy Rmah 

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